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Brock Osweiler WOO HOO HOO HOOed his way to an 18-yard TD

Everything about this touchdown and celebration is perfect.

After Devontae Booker’s amazing hurdle and touchdown didn’t count because of a Garett Bolles hold, we had yet another amazing play.

This one was by Brock Osweiler, who ran one in for a touchdown from 18 yards out. He doesn’t run smoothly, but it counts:

The touchdown was unexpected and hilarious, but things got even funnier when a hot mic could pick up Osweiler’s reaction. He was pumped:

That’s the longest touchdown run by a Broncos quarterback since...:

So basically, Brock Osweiler is almost Tim Tebow.

Maybe Osweiler should score more touchdowns so we can get more of this. This was fun.