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Here is apparent audio of LeBron James talking to Lonzo Ball after the Cavs-Lakers game

LeBron covered his mouth so cameras wouldn’t see. Somehow, there is still audio.

LeBron James and Lonzo Ball shared the court as opponents for the first time on Thursday, and after the Cavaliers came away with a nine-point win over the Lakers, they shared a moment too.

LeBron had some advice for the young rookie point guard, who has been in headlines since emerging onto the basketball scene as a freshman at UCLA: Stay locked in. The video was found by a Redditor named IT-3, and although it’s tough to make out exactly what LeBron says word-for-word, you can definitely hear some of it:

“Find your zone and just stay the fuck locked in,” James said. “The media is going to ask you what I told you right now (but so what). Just be aggressive every single day ... it's white noise. That's all it is. All right?”

That’s good advice from LeBron, who’s dealt with a lifetime of scrutiny himself.

Ball, for the most part, doesn’t make headlines off the court. Most of his attention comes by way of making basketball plays that make his teammates better on it. And if he can take The King’s advice and apply it, the rook might just make it out OK.