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Carmelo Anthony receives mixed reception in his return to Madison Square Garden

There were mostly cheers for Melo in his return, but you can definitely hear some boos.

Carmelo Anthony made his first appearance at Madison Square Garden since the Knicks traded him to the Oklahoma City Thunder over the summer, and fans received him with a mix of boos and cheers.

Here’s a view from the crowd:

The Knicks had a one-minute video tribute that paid homage to Anthony, the seventh all-time leading scorer in franchise history. After the tribute, they introduced New York’s former scorer, who received mostly cheers. But you can definitely hear the boos smattered in.

Paul George received all boos when he made his return to Indiana after forcing a trade over the summer. Now that Melo has his return in the bag, the Thunder can move on to more pressing things, like improving on their .500 record.