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Henrik Lundqvist’s Winter Classic pads are an awesome tribute to the New York Mets

The Rangers’ goaltender sticks to the baseball theme for the big game at Citi Field.

The New York Rangers are taking on the Buffalo Sabres at Citi Field for the 2018 Winter Classic, so Henrik Lundqvist has some appropriately themed new pads for the big game. If you’re a New York Mets fan who also happens to root for the Rangers, you’ll assuredly adore these.

What beauties.

Clearly taking inspiration from the Mets’ logo, Lundqvist blends that with a bit of Rangers styling to put together a very clean look. Between this and a sleek throwback uniform, Lundqvist is going to look particularly good out there on the ice.

That’s nothing new for the goaltender, of course, considering he’s usually worn some pretty awesome pads. Here are the new ones he revealed over the summer featuring the Statue of Liberty.

Also very nice ... but you gotta do something special when it comes to the Winter Classic.

Which of Lundqvist’s pads do you prefer?