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The worst Christmas NBA game: 2008

This wasn’t a Merry Christmas for anyone unfortunate enough to watch.

When Christmas rolled around in 2008, basketball fans got ready for what they expected would be 13 hours of (mostly) high-quality teams squaring off. But it would be an understatement to say that the long day of hoops got off on the wrong foot. That first game between the Orlando Magic and New Orleans Hornets was without a doubt the Worst Christmas NBA game … ever.

It would be one thing if the game involved one or both teams being terrible or something. At least there’d be low expectations. Or maybe if the day’s other games that day were awful, that Magic-Hornets game wouldn’t seem so abysmal by comparison. But nah, all the other games were great and came down to the final minutes, and this game stood out like a sore thumb.

It was the type of game where everyone deserved a refund, not just people who spent their hard-earned money on tickets — but really anyone who watched and had flushed a few hours of their Christmas down the toilet.