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Michael Beasley got ‘MVP’ chants after scoring 32 points vs. Celtics

Beasley is legitimately playing incredible basketball.

Michael Beasley has already been an MVP — he was awarded the Chinese Basketball League Most Valuable Player in 2016, thank you very much. On Thursday, New York Knicks fans also showered him with MVP chants, and we think that they actually meant the NBA version of the award.

Either way, they were deserved — Beasley is playing sensational basketball in December. After averaging 7.1 points in the season’s first two months, Beasley is averaging 17.1 points per game in December. Of course, in Thursday’s game, he dropped 32.

It came on shots like this.

And this.

You know his Knicks teammates appreciated it.

New York has a superstar, and his name is Michael Beasley. Congrats to everyone involved.