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Saints fans bought a plane banner to remind everyone the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead

The Falcons did not blow that lead to the Saints. Saints fans don’t care.

There’s one group of people who definitely still think 28-3 jokes about the Falcons are hilarious, and that’s Saints fans.

The Saints welcome the Falcons to New Orleans on Sunday. Some enterprising fan took advantage of the trolling opportunity. They paid real, actual money to hire a plane to fly a reminder of the Falcons’ Super Bowl LI implosion over the Superdome.

A cursory Google search suggests that whoever set this whole thing up paid about $100 for the banner itself. They’re probably shelling out $350 per flight hour on top of that.

This isn’t the first time a Saints fan has tried to have a little fun at the Falcons’ expense. A New Orleans-based company tried to get a 28-3 billboard near the Falcons’ new stadium this preseason.

And it wasn’t the last time, either. The Saints found yet another way to rub salt in their rivals’ wounds at halftime.

Even Saints wide receiver Willie Snead got in on the action when these teams faced off in Week 14.

Snead had one catch for zero yards and the Saints lost 20-17.

Sunday’s game has playoff implications. Whichever team wins on Sunday clinches a playoff bid. This one got heated last time, with Sean Payton making a choking motion at Falcons running back Devonta Freeman and earning a $10,000 fine for running on the field toward a ref.

Yes, the Falcons blew a 25-point lead in the Super Bowl. They blew that lead to the New England Patriots, a team that is not the New Orleans Saints. But the Saints and their fans sure seem to be having fun with it.