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NFL linemen who finish blocks, are NFL linemen who get paid!

Retired NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz breaks down the most disrespectful blocks of Week 15.

It’s no coincidence that most of the Disrespectful Blocks of the Week are from elite lineman and/or lineman on their big second contract. Lineman who finish blocks are lineman who get paid. Finishing requires technique, effort and sometimes just physical gifts ... those are the guys getting paid.

First up, we have a Pro Bowl snub in Eagles center Jason Kelce. He’s been balling this season, and here he just runs through a defensive back on a screen. He doesn’t even slow down. Just totally trucks him. I love it.

The torch has been passed in the NFC West with the Rams taking the soul of the Seahawks on Sunday in Seattle. Lots of people who deserve credit for the Rams’ turnaround including the offensive line. They are beastly. Roger Saffold has come into his own at left guard this season next to Andrew Whitworth and John Sullivan. Here it’s third-and-20 and the Rams score on a simple inside zone because Saffold knocks down two players!!

You know how much I love when wide receivers block! Here is Chiefs receiver Albert Wilson dominating a defensive back and leading the way for a Kareem Hunt touchdown that sealed the game for the Chiefs last Saturday.

Not only does Wilson use good technique, he works to finish and punish his man. I love it!

Moving right along to Pittsburgh. I totally made an autopilot error here, and I’m sorry. I said this is Marcus Gilbert, but it’s Chris Hubbard. Sorry, Chris. You deserve the credit for this block because it’s you and it’s awesome. Just like Kelce, running full speed and trucking someone. It’s outstanding.

Next up is Saints guard Larry Warford, who very quietly has been an excellent free agent signing for the Saints. He’s out on a screen and using his sprinting legs to get down the field. With a little help from Mark Ingram (i.e. a shove in the back), Larry knocks over this would be tackler, allowing Ingram to keep on trucking down the field.

Last up, and strictly because I can do this, I put my brother Mitchell Schwartz on here. Mitch is one of the most underappreciated players in the NFL. In five games against the AFC West this season — Khalil Mack twice, Bosa/Ingram twice, and Von Miller once — he’s allowed 10 total pressures. That’s it. And the Chiefs love to pass the ball. So I just wanted to show some love for my brother