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Draymond Green stole LeBron James' favorite meme and put it on his dang Christmas shoes

This is peak Draymond Green.

Draymond Green’s Christmas Day shoes are custom Nike Hyperdunks with Arthur on the back, which is the most Draymond Green thing of all time.

We probably all know about the Cavaliers and LeBron James and his Arthur memes. He posted the famous Arthur memeArthur with a clinched fist — shortly after a tough loss. Once that took off like wildfire, many Cleveland players started putting it on various social media accounts.

Look, I don’t know what verb to call this — maybe it’s “trolling,” but Green has gotten annoyed about the media using that term before.

And he’s right. Look, he’s wearing shows with Arthur on them. James famously posted Arthur memes. It’s a reference, and maybe nothing else. And that’s the spirit of Christmas, right!?

He explained why he wore the shoes after the game:

Draymond: My guy Jaquil just got me the shoes yesterday while I was getting a haircut. He was like ‘Hey I made these for you for Christmas.’ I was sleepy, if you look at his Instagram I fell asleep getting the haircut and everything. Then I woke up today in a better mood and was like ‘Yeah I’m wearing those.’

I had no input on it honestly, I wish I could take credit for them but I hate lying. You know what’s crazy, I didn’t even think about that, maybe the guy who made them was trying to troll LeBron! That’s good.