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You’ll either love or hate the new Jazz jerseys inspired by the Utah sunset

They even come with a custom court!

In the middle of Christmas Day NBA action, the Utah Jazz — who are not playing — unveiled their new “city edition” Nike uniforms. They’re ... polarizing.

The uniforms are inspired by the sunset in Utah and its southern canyons and red rocks. The uniforms showcase the different shades of orange, yellow, and red you can find in Utah.

The team also has a custom floor prepared for when the uniforms debut on Jan. 30, according to a report from ESPN’s Zach Lowe.

This is the biggest departure we’ve seen from the Jazz’s traditional uniform,s where they’d either use either a music note, a mountain range, or some combination of the two. They’ve also never used these various shades of red.

This is the first time this area of the state has been reflected in a uniform, according to the team.

I think these are fire, but opinions on first impressions of the uniforms have varied so far. Some people absolutely love them.

Some people hate them.

This is a different look for any Utah team, but either way, they’re coming very soon.

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