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Kawhi Leonard shows a different side of himself in new Nike commercial

Leonard doesn’t usually use social media. That went right out the window for the new Jordan 1 ad.

Kawhi Leonard generally does not use social media. But in his new commercial for Nike/Jordan Brand, Leonard’s personal rules went out the window.

Instead of his usual reserved self, the two-time Defensive Player of the Year and 2014 NBA Finals MVP stepped outside of his comfort zone for a commercial centered around the new, bold Gatorade Jordan 1s.

In the commercial, Leonard chronicles a wild day on Snapchat. He goes from attending one of Nipsey Hussle’s song recordings to teaching a kids’ karate class, driving an old car with hydraulics, and then DJing a party at night. When asked about his day on social media, Kawhi hilariously responds: “I was hacked.”

Leonard usually doesn’t speak much — just like his old teammate Tim Duncan — but in this new commercial, we see a different side of the star who recently returned to the floor from a quadriceps injury.

Or maybe it’s that simple. Maybe, he was just hacked.