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John Wall missed a dunk and heard all about it from Kyrie Irving

You need to hear this.

John Wall and Kyrie Irving have been rivals throughout their careers, but despite their rivalry, they’ve always kept it friendly between each other.

On Christmas Day with the two All-Star point guards mic’ed up, we got to see that up close.

Wall missed a dunk and Irving let him hear about it while he was guarding him.

“You missed your highlight,” Irving said to Wall.

“Shutup,” Wall said back.

Irving then repeated himself.

That’s comedy.

When he returned to the bench, Irving poked a bit of fun at himself. “I don’t got bounce like that. I can get up every once in a while,” he said.

And toward the end, Wall was asking Irving for some of his new sneakers. “I still can’t get no Kyries?” he said.

I guess not if he isn’t finishing dunks.

Last week, Wall said he and Irving have a great relationship off the court, but always go hard against each other when they play.

It’s great to see these two competing while poking a bit of fun at each other. Whenever they match up, it’s a good time. This should be no different.