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Hue Jackson plans to keep promise and jump into Lake Erie after another sad Browns season

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That lake, during *this* time of year? That’s mighty cold.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

At the end of last season, Browns head coach Hue Jackson made a promise about the 2017 season. “I'm not going 1-15,” he said.

“No. I'll be swimming in that lake [Erie] over there somewhere. That's not happening,” he said via ESPN.

Well — it’s time for Jackson to get swimming.

With the Browns 0-15 going into Week 17, the best possible outcome for Jackson and the team is to finish 1-15. But he plans on carrying out his promise, despite how unfortunate it sounds:

He’s not going to just do it without any meaning, however. He plans on making it a charitable event:

The Hue Jackson Foundation was founded by Jackson and his wife Michelle in 2017. It is dedicated to “supporting non-profit organizations that embolden and offer hope to victims of sexual exploitation and coercion.”

You’re probably wondering what the conditions are going to be like in Northeast Ohio around that time. Of course they’re going to be cold, but if Jackson were to jump in Lake Erie on the following Monday, the high temperature is expected to be 13 degrees, with a low of three, and snow showers as well.

So you could imagine the temperature of the water is not exactly warm by any means.

Despite losing out and having to jump in the lake, Jackson might end up being right in his prediction. He said, “I'm not going 1-15.” Going up against the Steelers and staring down an 0-16 record against one of the best teams in the AFC, he’s probably right.

The Browns have been historically bad for years