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Gerald Green joined the Rockets with only the backpack on his back

Wait, huh?

Think of the wildest two days you’ve ever had in your life. I can guarantee you that they don’t top what Gerald Green just went through. In the end? He wound up playing for the Houston Rockets.

Green was just going to Boston to visit his son when he got a phone call.

“The veteran forward just happened to be flying to Boston on Wednesday to be with his six year old son on Friday. When he landed he was told that the Rockets wanted to sign him to a one-year, non-guaranteed deal,” TNT’s David Aldridge said.

“He spent yesterday with his son but reported to the team today literally with just the clothes on his back. All he has with him is a backpack. In fact, he’s wearing Trevor Ariza’s shoes tonight.”

Looks like even Green can’t believe this story.

Green didn’t make the cut for the Bucks earlier this season and was literally out of the league before Thursday night.

Talk about a wild couple of days. He’s back in the league and is playing for one of the two best teams in it. And he didn’t even have to make any unnecessary travel.

It doesn’t get much sweeter than that. Secure the bag, Green.