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Tom Brady exploded at Patriots OC Josh McDaniels on the sideline

Brady even took his helmet off!

Things got heated between Tom Brady and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels Sunday afternoon against the Bills.

Brady missed an open man on third-and-11 when McDaniels appears to have said something in passing that Brady clearly didn’t like. Brady and McDaniels then went back and forth with Brady then going at McDaniels and taking his helmet off:

Of course, things get heated during games, and they set aside their differences:

After the game, Brady unsurprisingly brushed it off:

Airing out his frustrations isn’t anything new for Brady. Earlier in the season, the Jets were waxing the Patriots early, and Brady blurted out “F***ING BULLSHIT!”

It’s just Brady’s competitive nature, and you would imagine after all these years that the two are used to saying things they probably don’t mean in the heat of battle.