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Marcus Peters chucks penalty flag into Jets stands in frustration and then leaves the game

Peters was fed up, and made one lucky fan quite happy.

The Chiefs have been locked in a battle with the Jets on Sunday in East Rutherford, and Marcus Peters eventually had enough.

After a Josh McCown rushing touchdown, a defensive holding was called on Chiefs cornerback Steven Nelson, and Peters took the official’s penalty flag and threw it into the stands:

Peters was then called for unsportsmanlike conduct for the flag toss, which landed in the stands much to the amusement of a lucky fan:

The Jets went for two after the touchdown, and converted to make it a 38-31 game with just over two minutes to go.

While it initially appeared that Peters was ejected, he just walked off the field on his own. When he learned that he was not ejected, he came back onto the field with no socks:

While it’s not clear where his socks went, it appeared he might have tossed them into the stands, and was trying to retrieve them:

Not only did Peters make a fan happy, but he came back with no socks. This has been the most interesting development of this Sunday.