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Joe Flacco ate a W like Jameis Winston after Ravens beat Lions

It’s an incredible form of nourishment!

The Baltimore Ravens cruised past the Detroit Lions today in Baltimore by a final score of 44-20. That’s another one in the win column for the Ravens — a “W,” if you will.

After the game, in Jameis Winston fashion, Flacco ate a W at his press conference:

Flacco was a slower eater of his W than Winston, but devoured one nonetheless. He told reporters via ESPN’s Jamison Hensley, “We talked about it last night. I was dared to do it, so I had to do it.”

Flacco hasn’t been so great this season. Coming into Sunday’s game, he had 1,875 yards with nine touchdowns and 11 interceptions, while averaging just 5.3 yards per attempt.

Sunday, he was much better:

If Flacco can keep that hunger for those Ws up, the Ravens will be in good shape for the playoffs. They’re now 7-5 on the season, and currently hold the final Wild Card spot in the AFC.