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Saints third-string QB Taysom Hill does everything but play his position

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He can do it all!

The Saints’ third-string quarterback, Taysom Hill, is doing what he does for the Saints, which is literally everything except for playing quarterback.

Against the Falcons, he busted out a big run that set the Saints up for a score that would give them a third quarter lead:

Last season in his first game active, he made an immediate impact.

Hill was playing special teams for the Saints, both on punts to attempt to block them, and on kickoff as a gunner.

Hill was able to get a tackle on a kickoff:

Sean Payton was happy with that one as Hill got back to the sideline:

He also got pretty close on a few punts, and even scared Panthers punter Michael Palardy into a fumble on one of them.

He kept it going in the third quarter too:

Hill wasn’t selected in the 2017 NFL draft, and signed with the Packers in May, before ultimately being waived in September. The Saints picked up him the next day, and hadn’t seen action until that game.

Though he has aspirations of playing quarterback, his ability to make plays everywhere else has been worth a little something for the Saints.