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Carson Wentz magically threw a perfect 51-yard strike as he was falling down

Wentz hit Agholor three plays later for a 27-yard touchdown.

Carson Wentz finds some way to pull off some magical play every single week, it seems. In the EaglesSunday Night Football matchup against the Seahawks, it was this 51-yard bomb to Nelson Agholor.

Wentz is on the run deep in Eagles’ territory, and he’s about to be brought down by Seahawks defensive end Quinton Jefferson. But he keeps his feet just long enough to release the pass, which somehow makes its way exactly where it needs to be for Agholor to haul it in.

The Eagles were trailing the Seahawks 17-3 in the fourth quarter when Wentz hit Agholor on third-and-13 for a huge first down. He found Agholor with a 27-yard pass in the end zone three plays later.

The two plays kept the Eagles in the game.

Wentz does this all the time. He did it earlier this season against Washington, when he disappeared in a swarm of defenders and then suddenly reappeared and ran for a huge gain.

He did it again versus the Bears, when he escaped on third-and-9 for an 18-yard gain.

It probably won’t make a difference in the outcome of this one. The Seahawks added another touchdown to take back a two-score lead. But it sure is fun to see Wentz magically extending plays.