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The Worst Hockey Fight: 1984

Gather ‘round, folks, and come learn about the worst fight in the history of the NHL.

In 1984, Quebec’s two NHL teams, the Quebec Nordiques and the Montreal Candiens, squared off in a playoff series that went from being a local, heated rivalry, into an all out war on ice.

In Game 6 of the matchup, almost immediately after the first faceoff, the matchup turned ugly. It’s obviously not unusual for fights to erupt on the ice in big, tense matchups, but with so much culturally on the line in the most important sport in Canada, and obviously the provence of Quebec, tempers gave way to pure, primal hatred over the course of multiple periods in the game.

This is how extreme of a game it was: The fighting got to be so rampant and nonstop that at certain points of the game, the matchup went from feeling like an enormous hockey game with some fighting, to just all-out brawling with some passes, shots, and line changes thrown in to keep it interesting.

Basically, the Nordiques and Canadiens all went far beyond good ol’ fashioned hockey and good ol’ fashioned fighting, to just … fighting. That’s it.