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The B-Sides: The Nuggets want to be a boy band and 6 other reasons to love the NBA this week

Plus, a startling LeBron James revelation, starter jackets, and more.

Hi, hello, welcome to B Sides: Volume 7 of the 2017-18 NBA season. We’re already a quarter of the way through the year, which seems wild but it’s true.

The Cavaliers have not lost a game since we last spoke. They’re now at 13 in a row. Jahlil Okafor was finally traded! Thank goodness. And it’s time to take rookie Donovan Mitchell seriously.

None of that is important now, though, because I have seven new reasons for you to love the NBA this week.

1. The Denver Nuggets think they are a boy band

Before you ask, no this does not count as part of the photoshoot curse that Zito Madu explained here. It’s before a game. It started randomly. And honestly, the Nuggets don’t have enough at stake to curse themselves.

What it is, though, is a beautiful photo set of the Nuggets attempting to be the next boy band to take over the world:

Hottest mixtape of 2017 coming your way. #MileHighBasketball

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Gold Squadron. #MileHighBasketball

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Road team. #MileHighBasketball

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Winning team. #MileHighBasketball

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I’d buy their debut album.

2. LeBron’s shadow looks like Abe Lincoln


3. This photo of Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson

The Pistons are actually kind of good. Andre Drummond seems happy. I’m here for it.

@andredrummondd @reggie_jackson

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4. Starter jackets are back!

This is the start of something special. I love the ‘90s so much.

5. Memphis Grannies and Grandpas dancing to Gucci Gang

Listen, things aren’t exactly great in Memphis right now. But at least we have this:

6. Kenneth Faried’s Hey Arnold shirt

I’m really high on the Nuggets right now. They are B-Sides gold.

7. Dwyane Wade embracing the twilight of his career.

Here is Dwayne Wade as a busy mom taking some "me time":

That 13 in a row feeling!!!

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And leaning into being part of the “Bench Mob” in Cleveland:

I like old Dwyane Wade a lot.

My favorite James Harden photo of the week

James Harden feat. Clint Capela:


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See ya next week, friends. Tweet me your B Sides, and I’ll include them in the next round.

The B-Sides: Reasons to love the NBA this past week