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The story of Michael Bennett’s road to the NFL

Bennett doesn’t measure success by his accomplishments on the football field, but instead by what sort of husband, father, brother, and son he is off it.

Growing up in Houston, family was everything to Michael Bennett. He and his brother, Martellus, were particularly close, and from fishing to football to go-karts, the two did pretty much everything together. And he certainly wouldn’t be the man he is today without the love and support of Michael Sr. and Pennie — not only his parents, but also his mentors, role models, and friends.

And whether it was a life-threatening medical situation, constantly getting overlooked, not getting selected in the NFL draft — Bennett always had a chip on his shoulder to not let anything stop him.

The path to becoming a Pro Bowl defensive lineman for the Seattle Seahawks wasn’t a straight line, yet there’s never been an obstacle he hasn’t been able to overcome. With the determination instilled in him by his parents, he simply worked harder than everyone else, never doubted himself, and refused to quit — and because of that, he’s reached the very pinnacle of his sport.