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Doug Baldwin is ready for Jalen Ramsey’s trash talk thanks to Richard Sherman

Going up against Sherman in practice every day will prepare a wide receiver for anything.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Cornerback Jalen Ramsey’s a big part of the reason the Jaguars pass defense is tops in the league. He’s also one of the NFL’s best trash talkers. His Jaguars are going up against Doug Baldwin and the Seahawks on Sunday, and Baldwin is ready for whatever words Ramsey throws his way.

Why? Because he’s already heard it all from his teammates in practice.

"Yeah. Sherm. Brandon Browner. Maxwell. I've had a number of guys who have given me that test for a number of years,” Baldwin said, via Gregg Bell of the News Tribune.

“So I think I'll be ready. I'll be as prepared as I can be."

Sherman is one of the league’s most bluntly outspoken players. And he and Baldwin have been playing together since they were teammates at Stanford, so Baldwin’s had plenty of experience with Sherman trying to get under his skin.

It’s a good thing Baldwin is ready, because Ramsey got the chatter started early this week.

“No disrespect to (Doug Baldwin). He’s a good player,” Ramsey said, via Gregg Bell of the News Tribune. “But he ain’t Larry Fitzgerald.”

Ramsey’s teammate, safety Tashaun Gipson, has played against Baldwin before during Gipson’s time with the Browns. He said he doesn’t know if Baldwin is much of a talker. But Ramsey sure is.

“I know Jalen, he does it to everybody, no matter the opponent,” Gipson said. “He does that every game and fills the secondary with some sort of juice, some magical juice, that gets us going. Once he gets the noise talking, there’s a trickle-down effect.”

Baldwin can hold his own in a trash-talking situation. He’s exchanged words, and even thrown hands, with Sherman and Michael Bennett during Seahawks practice. Baldwin also told Falcons cornerback Robert Alford that Alford didn’t have “a chance in hell” at containing him. He didn’t let the fact that the Seahawks were trailing the Falcons by 17 in last year’s divisional game stop him.

But he’ll have his hands full with Ramsey. As a rookie, Ramsey went toe-to-toe with legendary trash talker Steve Smith, saying he didn’t “respect him as a man.” This season, Ramsey talked A.J. Green right into a $42,000 fine for body slamming him after he called Green “soft and weak.”

We’re in for an epic matchup between these two skilled trash talkers on Sunday.