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Zion Williamson dunked so hard, the scoreboard gave up

Williamson has had his fair share of vicious dunks, but this one flat-out defies logic.

We’ve written about Zion Williamson before.

He’s like a tangible urban legend — the 6’8, 210-pound five-star junior recruit out of Spartanburg Day School (S.C.) who struck fear into the opposing team’s crowd with a flurry of vicious, heart-wrenching dunks.

Williamson is back at it again, this time ripping the soul out of an honest, law-abiding shot clock merely trying to do its job. Watch as the clock goes black as the gifted athlete glides through the air for a beautifully monstrous tomahawk jam.

Williamson is averaging 36.1 points, 13.1 rebounds, 2.6 blocks, and 2.5 steals in 30 minutes per game. As a junior, he’s ranked the 465th-best player in the country and the sixth-best player in South Carolina.

In case you had the same questions we did, here are some answers:

Did Zion Williamson make time slow down or was that a cool iPhone feature?

Let’s go with he contorted time to his liking, much like he does opposing defenses. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Did Williamson just take off from the imaginary dotted line?

Williamson is actually closer to the foul line than where the NBA dotted line starts. No high school junior should be able to do the things he does.

Has he done this to other teams?

Yup. He scored a career-high 50 points (including 10 dunks) in the 10th Annual Coventry Tournament of Champions.

You can see more of his highlights here. Williamson’s still got another year in high school, so don’t expect to see him torching collegiate defensive game plans just yet.

But until then, he’ll continue reducing high school opponents to ash. And that’s equally as fun to watch.