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Tony Romo should definitely be a DJ instead of play for the Buffalo Bills

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He’s got plenty of options outside of football, you know!

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Safe to say that Tony Romo is going to have some options available to him this spring. There’s always a chance he could end up staying with the Cowboys, but it seems more likely that he’ll end up getting released and picked up by another team or possibly traded if someone really blows Dallas away with an offer (unlikely considering his age and contract situation).

But what about the other options? We’ve heard the notion of Romo in the broadcast booth get batted around, but what about other fields in the entertainment industry?

His wife Candice offered up a few possibilities in an interview with KCTK in Dallas this week.

"I joked that he could be an amazing DJ. He loves music," she said. “You know what I think he'd be really good at? An actor. This is really crazy, but I think he'd be such a good actor. He's really more of a creative I think. He has a good balance of that type-A and creative.

"His timing is impressive, and I — we're kind of movie connoisseurs and we love television — we watch a lot of movies and things, and we just kind of watch the craft. I personally think he'd be a really good actor."

You know, it’s not a bad idea. He’s already made an appearance in Trainwreck, but there’s no reason that he’d have to be limited to sports movies or Judd Apatow comedies featuring a bunch of athletes. With his medical history, I can definitely see him on a hospital drama.

And let’s not undersell this DJ idea either. Weddings, bar mitzvahs, proms ... who wouldn’t want to dance the beats laid down by Tony Romo himself.

Neither of these are likely to happen in 2017. There’s just no reason for him to be out of football yet. Then again, if he winds up in Buffalo, spinning records at a winter formal might not look so bad to him after all.