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Kris Bryant doesn’t realize pot-bellied longhair throwing BP is Greg Maddux

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The durfy sound guy throwing BP got Kris Bryant out with this one weird trick (being Greg Maddux).

It is with a heavy heart that I regret to inform you that the brands are at it again. In this Red Bull-sponsored video, sponsored by Red Bull, Kris Bryant is unaware that the sound guy is actually Greg Maddux. For about two minutes, it’s mostly a missed opportunity to drive Bryant up the wall for our amusement.

Then, a plot twist! The coach throwing BP has to leave, and the sound guy offers to throw BP.

And I promise you, as someone who is deeply cynical about this stuff, it is extraordinarily satisfying to watch Bryant hit against a BP pitcher who is throwing surprise curveballs and calling his locations. It is a fun time on the internet.

Your mileage may vary, but I’ll give this brand-sponsored prank a B-, which means it’s near the top of the list. I’m a hard grader for these sorts of promotional videos, but that’s because I don’t grade on a c