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Chris Long ripped into people criticizing him for not going to the White House

The Patriots defensive end has been getting heat from the Twitter masses, so he fired back.

Super Bowl Opening Night at Minute Maid Park Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Patriots defensive end Chris Long is one of the six New England players who have said they’ll skip a visit to the White House if President Donald Trump decides to invite the Super Bowl champions to Washington. Apparently not everyone on the internet has been cool with Long’s decision (shocking!), and he’s been taking heat for it ever since the news broke.

On Thursday night, it seems that Long had had enough. He decided to fire back at his detractors, virtually swatting them away with burn after burn in the most effective Twitter takedown I’ve seen in a while.

Here’s his full tweet-storm:

Long’s statements are impressive because a) the Patriots are generally pretty tight-lipped when it comes to talking about anything besides football and b) it’s hard to consistently own that many people that well. Trust me, I’ve tried; I usually devolve into “your mom” comebacks by the third tweet.

Also worth noting: At media night on Monday of Super Bowl week, Long did say that he didn’t agree with a lot of what was going on politically in this country and that he would address it at some point, just not right then. Looks like he’s a man of his word.

And here, to cleanse your palate, is a delightful exchange between Long and Martellus Bennett:

Will champions visit President Trump?