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The DeMarcus Cousins trade to the Pelicans was so lopsided, even NBA 2K rejected it

Trade Override is off obviously

In light of the Pelicans’ mega-trade for DeMarcus Cousins, some people are shocked and saying that these types of trades only happen in video games.

So, we tried it. Here is the trade scenario when you enter it into NBA 2K.

That trade is considered invalid because the Kings would have too many players. So who is the person on the Kings that will make this trade theoretically work in the 2k world?

Didn’t see that coming, but hey Ty Lawson is going to be the glue guy to make this whole transaction work right?



You know what they say, though. “When in transaction doubt, use Trade Finder.”

Never mind.

So, to sum it up, even the Kings’ video game GM rejected the trade that Vivek Ranadivé accepted. Shoutout to Ryan Trust.

Who won the Cousins trade? The Sixers.