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DeMarcus Cousins trade to Pelicans should make Kings fans sad

How should Kings fans feel about Boogie’s departure? Not good. Not good at all. We dissect every angle of Sunday’s blockbuster.

The DeMarcus Cousins blockbuster trade to the Pelicans shook the entire NBA to its core. We could think of nobody better than our own Tom Ziller, a lifelong Kings fan, to make sense of it. Go read his column on the deal if you haven’t already.

Among the topics discussed:

  • Why do the trade now, of all times?
  • How the Kings’ awful decisions in years past will continue to affect them for years to come, especially now that they no longer have Cousins.
  • Just how terrible is the return the Kings received? How laughable is it that they see Buddy Hield as a franchise cornerstone?
  • Cousins is clearly a difficult player to build around. Should the Kings have made a move sooner? Is there something to the idea that this is addition by subtraction? (There isn’t.)
  • How good will the Pelicans be, exactly? Tom is more optimistic. Mike (me) is more skeptical.
  • Can the Pelicans keep Cousins after his free-agent year in 2018?
  • Is this the worst superstar trade of all time? What other deals come to mind?
  • How will this blockbuster affect the rest of the trade market?

Hang in there, Tom.

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