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Morning Skate: More NHL teams should publicly shame ‘the wave’

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Boston Bruins v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

The wave is bad.

The concept of it is good: Camaraderie with your fellow fans! Fun at a game!

But too often it comes at the WORST times in a game, sparked by truly bored fans who aren't engaged with the game. At the expense of those who are! And as a short human myself, I sympathize with people who think the wave is just mass view-obstruction.

So it's bad. But there is one NHL team out there who will fight for us little guys and gals (literally). Fans in Section 112 at the Coyotes game on Monday started doing the wave DURING THE FINAL MINUTES OF A ONE-GOAL GAME, and the Coyotes told them to cut it out on Twitter.

Not all heroes Tweet capes.


NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

So Jacob Trouba got a two-game suspension for his hit on Mark Stone over the weekend. Two games.

Apparently part of the Department of Player Safety's reasoning was that Stone wasn't injured on the play. Which is great news! Because that play looked like it could've ended his season. It was that violent.

Which begs the question (again): Does the NHL rely too heavily on injuries in weighing the length of a suspension? Go watch that hit again and notice how you cringe. Two games feels light, doesn't it? Regardless of injury?


Los Angeles Kings v Florida Panthers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Florida is rolling again, and suddenly their front office head honcho is all over the airwaves talking about their intentions to buy at the deadline. Hmm.

[whispers] t r a d e f o r p a t r i c k e a v e s

*ahem* Anyway, we had an actual kinda-big trade go down yesterday!

The Wild need to make a move without worrying about team chemistry. Swing away!

Could Anthony Duclair be a solution in Montreal?

New Jersey has some decisions to make about Mike Cammalleri.


We had the GALL to ask a simple question: Was Auston Matthews' goal over the weekend better than Alex Ovechkin's iconic goal? People really didn't like that we even compared them.

You should see our inbox. Or the charred remains of it, at least.

A minor-league team retired a jersey ... and hung it upside down in the rafters. Oops.

In his battle against cancer, Dave Strader has already won.

The Avalanche's season just got worse.

Wisconsin leads our NCAA poll yet again.

We loved this feature on the Lightning's organist.

An Ohio high school team overcame tragedy last week.

A Blackhawks prospect tied a 40-year-old record!