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Larry Fitzgerald says the Cardinals playing in the Hall of Fame Game is the ‘worst news ever’

If Larry Fitzgerald wants an extra week or two of summer, Larry Fitzgerald should get it.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys are set to meet in the 2017 Hall of Fame Game, which is exciting news for fans of those teams, but less-than-stellar news for players.

While the other 30 NFL teams will have four preseason games, the Cardinals and Cowboys will have five. And with the game set for Thursday, Aug. 3, it means both teams will have to arrive for training camp a little bit earlier to prepare.

That doesn’t sit particularly well with Larry Fitzgerald, who spurned retirement to return for his 14th NFL season in 2017:

Fitzgerald will turn 34 in August and said that he felt exasperated and drained during the regular season, but decided to return after watching playoff games.

“After a month of getting my mind ready, and watching the games, also, the fire still burns,” Fitzgerald said.

Apparently the fire doesn’t burn for preseason games, though. After 13 seasons, 14,389 receiving yards, and 104 touchdowns, maybe the guy has earned a week or two of extra summer break. Cut him some slack, Cardinals.

Hopefully the trip to Ohio gives him a chance to take in the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational in Akron. Fitzgerald is an avid golfer, and he’s certainly earned the chance to play hooky to hit the links for a round or two.