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This amazing wedding cake looks exactly like a Chick-fil-a sandwich

Cakes are sports, and this cake wins.

My colleague Richard Johnson is attending the wedding of a close friend this weekend. The groom’s cake at the wedding reception looks like this:

chick fil a cake Richard Johnson, SB Nation

A wider view of the cake being cut:

Richard Johnson, SB Nation

Is that ... a Chick-fil-a sandwich with pickles?

Funny you should ask. I’m informed that this is not a Chick-fil-a sandwich with pickles, but rather a brilliantly disguised cake with a lovely yellow interior and chocolate frosting. It’s the first cake I’ve ever come across that’s disguised to look like a fast-food product, and probably also the first I’ve seen that’s made up to look like a sandwich.

Why am I reading about this cake on a sports website?

There are a couple of reasons.

1. Cakes are sports. Just last week, my colleague Zito Madu published in this space a robust argument for cakes being better than pies. Could you imagine a pie being made to look like a Chick-fil-a sandwich? You certainly couldn’t.

2. This is the view from the reception:

doak Richard Johnson, SB Nation

That’s Florida State’s Doak Campbell Stadium. It’s one of the more notable stadiums in all of college football, and it has now housed this most notable of cakes. The intersection of stadium and cake furthers the point that this cake is sports.

Congratulations to Jake and Paige Farmer on their marriage — and this cake.