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Beat Chris Johnson's 4.24 40-yard dash time, win a private island from Adidas

There are, of course, just a few stipulations.

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NFL Combine - Day 6 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Adidas is giving one lucky NFL combine participant the opportunity to win a private island. All that player has to do is break the record for the fastest 40-yard dash.

Of course, it’s not actually that simple. The player has to break the record, with the official time established by the NFL, while wearing Adidas shoes. The player doesn’t get to choose the island, which will be valued at $1 million. Adidas will choose the island for them. If there’s a tie, Adidas will split $1 million equally between any and all players who manage to tie the record.

So what time do players need to beat to win an island? That would be Chris Johnson’s high mark of 4.24 seconds, which was set back in 2008. The record has now stood for nine years, despite Adidas’ past effort to give $1 million to anyone who could break it.

Giving away an island is even more dramatic than Adidas’ plan to give away Porsche Carreras with giant cheetahs painted on them to the three fastest players at the 2015 combine. The NFL shut that one down, and Adidas gave those three players $100,000 instead, which they hopefully used to buy nice cars without giant cheetahs painted on them.

Oh, and there’s one more tiny stipulation from Adidas. The player who runs the fastest 40 and wins the island must also sign an endorsement with the company. If that player fails to honor the terms of the endorsement, and doesn’t wear Adidas gloves and cleats during the 2017 season, they have to give the island back.

Considering the staying power of Johnson’s record, draft prospects probably shouldn’t get their hopes up about winning an island from Adidas. Adidas is, however, also offering a performance bonus of $10,000 to the top performer in the 40-yard dash from each position group. That one seems much more attainable.