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Stephen Curry had worst 3-point performance in NBA history, then blamed it on the weather

Golden State Warriors v Denver Nuggets Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Back-to-back MVP Stephen Curry had a remarkably bad game Monday night against the 76ers.

His 0-11 performance from the three-point arc catapulted him into the history books once again, but this time, he tied the NBA record for most missed threes without a make in a single game — a record he now shares with Washington Wizards’ Trey Burke and retired forward Antoine Walker.

After the game, Steph blamed the weather for his career-worst performance.

“The weatherman said it’s like a low pressure system that was coming in (and) I forgot to adjust to the thickness of the air,” he told reporters at Wells Fargo Center.

This is the worst three-point shooting performance in Steph’s eight-year NBA career, though it’s not the first stinker he’s had this season.

Despite bricking every single three he put up, Steph still managed to score 19 points. However, his inefficient shooting wasn’t too much of a hindrance for the Warriors, as they were able to take down the hobbled 76ers in a solid 119-108 victory.

Meanwhile, in Dallas, Curry’s younger brother Seth had a game we might’ve expected to see from back-to-back MVP, nailing an efficient 5-of-7 threes in a win over the Miami Heat.

Even the best shooters have off nights sometimes. It’s worth noting that last time this happened (Steph missed 10 threes in a November matchup against the Lakers), he scorched the Pelicans in the following game for an NBA-record 13 threes.

We’ll see if Steph sets any more records — good or bad — in Tuesday’s game against the Washington Wizards. For what it’s worth, forecasters expect it to be raining in D.C. around tip-off.