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Rams uniforms likely returning to blue and white

The Rams are planning a uniform change within the next two years.

NFL: USA TODAY Sports-Archive Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are back in the city they called home for nearly five decades prior to St. Louis and could soon be back in the uniforms that they wore in the 1960s.

According to Uni Watch, the team is set to announce that gold is no longer in the team’s official logo. A document leaked on Twitter and confirmed by Uni Watch as legitimate, shows that the Rams, along with the Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars, are set to make logo changes before the 2017 season.

The Lions seemingly confirmed the legitimacy of the memo on Wednesday with the announcement of a rebranding which will include the unveiling of new uniforms in April. But the removal of gold from the Rams logo is the most significant of the changes.

And the change would signal that a big alteration to the team’s uniform is on the horizon, although that is just speculation for now.

“What I have not confirmed is whether this means the Rams will have new uniforms in 2017,” Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas wrote Friday. “It seems like they would — like, if you eliminate a color from your logo, you’re probably going to eliminate it from your wardrobe, as well — but I want to stress that I do not have confirmation on that.”

When the Rams first arrived in Los Angeles from Cleveland, the team wore blue and gold, and even briefly wore red and gold in 1949. From 1964 to 1972, the Rams wore blue and white before returning to gold and didn’t alter the uniforms again until the team was in St. Louis — changing the yellowish gold to a darker, metallic gold in 2000.

As Business Insider’s Cork Gaines pointed out in October, the Rams have been hinting at a return to blue and white ever since the team relocated to Los Angeles in 2016. Signage at the stadium and on social media haven’t included much gold and Rams executive vice president Kevin Demoff already told the Los Angeles Times in March 2016 that the team plans to make changes when it moves into a new stadium in 2019.

"Our focus has always been on introducing new uniforms the year we open a new stadium," Demoff told the LA Times’ Gary Klein. "That's the opportune time to shape your brand.”

NFL rules state that implementation of new uniforms comes two years after an application is submitted for changes, so the Rams could enter the 2019 season in new colors if they apply for those changes during the 2017 offseason.

And if the team’s new logo is an accurate indication, the Rams will likely be wearing blue and white when the $2.6 billion stadium in Inglewood, Calif. opens in two years.