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Atlanta’s mayor is keeping bars open extra late for Falcons fans on Super Bowl Sunday

Atlanta: Good sports town.

The Falcons play in the Super Bowl in Houston on Sunday, but the most important news for fans was announced back in Atlanta.

Mayor Kasim Reed signed an executive order allowing Atlanta bars to stay open until 2:30 a.m. on Monday morning. Normally bars would close at midnight which is early and dumb and would be especially lame for the Super Bowl.

Our friends at Eater Atlanta got a copy of the order:

Whereas, the Mayor, in celebration of the Atlanta Falcons NFC Championship win; and in recognition of the desire of the citizens of and visitors to the City of Atlanta to celebrate the Falcons participation in Super Bowl LI, hereby suspends enforcement of the current allowable hours of operation at certain locations licensed for the sale of alcohol for on premises consumption on Super Bowl Sunday so as to accommodate the festive nature of this day.

This is a big deal in Atlanta where closing time has been a battle for a long time so lot of people are excited!

Of course, Patriots fans had jokes.

And other folks just want to make sure everyone stays safe.

Have fun on Sunday and please be safe Atlanta!