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Super Bowl MVP 2017: Tom Brady takes award after historic comeback

Brady won his fourth Super Bowl MVP and cemented himself as the greatest quarterback of all time.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is now the only four-time Super Bowl MVP in NFL history. Only six teams have boasted at least four Super Bowl MVPs, yet Brady now has four himself, breaking his tie with Joe Montana for the most ever by one player. If it hadn’t already started, I’d say it’s time to let the “greatest of all time” conversations commence, especially after he engineered the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

Brady struggled for most of the first half and third quarter as the Patriots fell into a deep 28-3 hole. However, he delivered a brilliant comeback, leading his team back from the brink to tie the game late and force the first-ever Super Bowl overtime. In the extra period, Brady was surgical once again, leading the Patriots down to the goal line and setting up James White for the game-winning touchdown run.

Brady finished the game with 466 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception on 43-of-62 passing.

If anything, this performance should solidify Brady as the greatest player in NFL history or, at the very least, one of the two best. Brady managed to win a Super Bowl despite losing his most talented teammate (Rob Gronkowski) and he did so with ease, winning seven consecutive games like it was nothing.

Credit Bill Belichick all you want, but Brady is still a 39-year-old quarterback coming off a 28 touchdown, two interception season. The quarterback, like a fine wine, seems to get better with age. It’s hard to tell whether Brady will ever show signs of age, let alone call it quits.

Brady is actually the only offensive player to win the Super Bowl MVP award in the past four years, having won the award both in Super Bowls 49 and 51. Seattle Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith earned the honors in Super Bowl 48, and Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller took home the trophy last year. Prior to that, however, the 10 most recent winners were all offensive players, with seven of those 10 players being quarterbacks.

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