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Super Bowl commercials 2017: Skittles shows how a romantic gesture can go awry

Sorry, dude. Everyone’s busy eating your Skittles.

For this year’s Super Bowl, Skittles is taking on the romance cliché of that thing where someone throws pebbles at his crush’s house to get her attention. Of course, instead of pebbles, it’s Skittles. And because it’s Skittles, they have to subvert expectations. Instead of getting out of bed to talk to her guy friend, Katie’s sitting on the floor and catching the thrown Skittles in her mouth. Then her whole family switches places to get some, followed by the burglar, the officer arresting the burglar, and a gopher.

The only thing missing is Marshawn Lynch, but he’s already got a Super Bowl Skittles commercial all to himself (located in Scotland!), so it’s forgivable.