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Officials call holding penalty vs. Atlanta, miss facemask against them on the same play

This was an enormous call.

An enormous holding penalty was called against the Atlanta Falcons on second down, pushing them out of field goal range on a crucial drive late in the fourth quarter. However, there was a clear face mask made on the same play as Mohamed Sanu was tackled out of bounds that wasn’t called.

If it had been called, it would have been offsetting penalties and the Falcons would have had another chance at a long second down. Instead, they faced a third-and-33 that led to an incompletion and had to punt on the next play. Atlanta had to punt the ball away, giving the ball back to the Patriots with a chance to drive for a game-tying score.

The officials miss penalties in every game, and they’ve missed calls against both teams in this game. This was a huge one that hurt Atlanta, though.