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Super Bowl halftime show 2017: 7 things you missed from Lady Gaga’s performance

Lady Gaga put on an incredible halftime show. Here are the highlights.

Lady Gaga’s halftime performance at Super Bowl 51 was fantastic. It featured her jumping from the roof of the building — repeat: JUMPING OFF A ROOF — and then her playing a medley of her greatest hits. Did you remember that Lady Gaga had so many hits? Because man, she really has a lot of hits.

Here’s the best things that happened that you might have missed.

1. Here’s the entire halftime show, if you missed it

2. The time lapse video of the setup and teardown is mesmerizing

3. The halftime featured hundreds of drones, but you might not have realized it

The lights in the sky that the cameras kept cutting to were drones. I didn’t realize it in the moment, but that’s exactly what was reported in the days leading up to the Super Bowl.

That’s what made the American flag, too.

4. Gaga hid a political protest song early on in her contest

Lady Gaga’s second song — after beginning with “God Bless America” — was “This Land Is Yours” by Woody Guthrie, which has been a popular song for people out protesting Donald Trump’s presidency.

Here’s an example of a protest at JFK Airport where they’re singing it.

Maybe it was a total coincidence, but I don’t buy it. Gaga was surely banned from making any overt political motions, but this was a subtle way to make a statement.



Here’s what it looked like from the stadium. She just kinda ... appears. From the sky.

Bad news: she wasn’t actually flying. I apologize if I just burst your bubble. It’s not that she couldn’t, of course, because she’s Lady Gaga. She just chose to use cables and descend by human means this time.

6. No one was tweeted more about than Lady Gaga

7. This was the most athletic Super Bowl halftime show ever

I argued this during the game, and I stand by it. Lady Gaga jumped from the roof of a stadium, did a flip on her way down, and later JUMPED OFF THE STAGE while catching a football.

She wins.