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Falcons fan buried jersey to save future generation from pain

The Falcons’ Super Bowl loss will haunt Atlanta for a long time.

The Atlanta Falcons were so, so close to pulling off a huge Super Bowl victory over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

Instead, they were on the wrong side of the worst loss in Super Bowl history.

Because of Atlanta’s late-game meltdown, however, some fans are trying to forget about the devastating loss by any means necessary, even if it means doing something completely unconventional — burying jerseys.

“If you have un-earthed this, you have not found anything vintage or cool. This shirt is bad luck...Seriously re-bury it immediately.

If you are still curious and don’t believe me, Google Super Bowl 51. This shirt blew a 25 point lead.

Put it back! Trust me!”

All the best to this Falcons fan and the rest of Atlanta fans. If you’re still sad (which I’m sure you probably are), check out this open letter from Ted Glover of the Daily Norseman — it’ll cheer you up, I promise.

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