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Michael Jordan was more denim than man in 1993, and these pictures prove it

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Did the outfit lead directly to a professional baseball contract? Probably.

Jordan1st pitch ALCS

It’s the 23rd anniversary of Michael Jordan officially becoming a professional baseball player. That is almost news, but not quite. It’s two years away from a 25th anniversary and three years removed from a 20th anniversary, so it’s news that merits a polite nod and exactly one ah-yes.

This is more newsworthy, even if it’s not an anniversary at all. Over 23 years ago, Jordan threw out the first pitch of the 1993 ALCS. He was in front of 46,246 people at the stadium, as well as millions on television. Before he left his home, he was aware of how many people would be watching him.

And then he was attacked by a denim symbiote from the Andromeda Galaxy.

Heck, yes. He really denimstrated good fashion sense here, right? Ha ha ha ha, he sure did, Grant.

Now that we’ve marveled at the denim, how did the first pitch go? Pretty good for a basketball player. Not so good for a professional baseball player.

But he wasn’t a professional baseball player yet, so we’re missing the four-month montage between that pitch and the contract. Enough about the pitch, though. Respect the hell out of that denim.