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Tom Brady will autograph your football if you pay him $1,000

Seems like a bargain.

New England Patriots Victory Parade Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

Tom Brady is fresh off of his fifth Super Bowl win with the New England Patriots, and he would be happy to give you his autograph. It’ll just cost you $1,000.

Brady, who earned his fourth Super Bowl MVP award in Sunday’s thrilling comeback victory over the Atlanta Falcons, is working with an organization called Tristar Sports Memorabilia to provide autographed mementos to fans and collectors. It costs a pretty penny, according to TMZ.

Brady’s autograph will run you a grand, and an autographed photo of Brady is a cool $850. A signed Patriots mini-helmet costs $900. An autographed game day-style jersey (presumably not Brady’s actual game day Super Bowl jersey, which has gone missing and is assumed to have been stolen) costs a whopping $1,200.

But that’s not all! If you want Brady to add the words “5X Super Bowl Champ,” be willing to shell out an extra $400.

Let’s break that down.

That’s 16 letters. For Tom Brady to sign his name and add “5X Super Bowl Champ,” you’re paying him an additional $25 per letter for something that we all are aware of. We really don’t need to pay $400 extra to see it in writing.

But wait — there’s more. Perhaps you don’t want to pay $25 per letter for Tom Brady to add something generic like “5X Super Bowl Champ” to his already-costly autograph. Maybe you want something personalized. Tom Brady is happy to oblige.

He’ll add a 20-character personalized message to any autograph for just $500.

Here are some suggestions, and honestly, any one of these would be money well spent.

“Stop Roger Goodell 2017”

“Deflategate = fake news”

“I was a sixth rounder lol”

“Thanks for your $$$$$$$”

If you’re interested in giving Tom Brady your hard-earned money for signed memorabilia, Tristar Sports Memorabilia has some merchandise available on its website. A Brady jersey will just run you $999 if you purchase online. What a bargain!