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Morning Skate: The Calgary Flames have our attention

Who wants to face these guys in the playoffs?

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

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Lace 'em up. Time for the Morning Skate.

The 10th was always going to be the hardest.

Calgary, the hottest team in the NHL, had to beat the Penguins to push its win streak into double digits. Quite a test, eh? What better way to prove whether the Flames are true playoff contenders or just a flash in the pan? Take on the defending champs and hope you win.

They didn't really need hope. The Flames just needed an incredible Johnny Gaudreau goal, timely saves, and a shootout winner to get past Pittsburgh.

They might be for real. Calgary is the one team nobody in the Western Conference wants to face. Congrats to the one person named Glen Gulutzan, who expected that months ago.


NHL: New York Rangers at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This is a sad time of year for a lot of hockey fans. Or if you're an Avalanche fan, it's just been a sad year.

So instead of piling on, we're trying something different. For each team that gets eliminated, we're compiling five good things that happened for them this season. First up: the Avs.


This collection of Minnesota high school hockey haircuts is

Marko Dano had a bad night.

So did Shane Doan, who almost destroyed a rookie on his own team. You know it's a bad season when your captain accidentally goes rogue on the youth movement.

If you come at the Hurricanes Twitter account, you best not miss.


St Louis Blues v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Tomas Jurco made some pretty damning observations about the state of the Red Wings: safe and boring.

A quick shoutout to Friend Of The Blog Sasky Stewart, who got hired away from the CWHL to the Maple Leafs recently. Sasky is wonderful, and Toronto is lucky to have her.

Bruins prospect Ryan Lindgren suffered a pretty nasty injury with his college team over the weekend.

A Riveters goalie is honoring history while making history.

L.A. lost its biggest game of the season.

Winning is a bad strategy for the Avs.

It's time for the Devils to look to the draft, and this is who they should look for.

Have any of the Stars' best players improved?

St. Louis' promising young center opened up this week.