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These racing corgis are the best sports dogs

Every little puffball with legs wins!

Although horse racing is the more popular sport, dog racing exists, as well. Normally, those dogs are greyhounds or whippets, dogs with long legs and sleek bodies.

Not this race.

This video includes six heats of races, and the final!

Look at the little floofs go tromping through the sand on their short stubby legs! Some of them aren’t even sure where they’re running, but that is totally fine. They are all trying their hardest, these good dogs.

The races take place in Canterbury Park, Minn. This video is from last year’s event, which had the races interspersed with actual horse races. Also, according to the Facebook event, cupcakes were involved.

Cupcakes are good, but the best part is the endearing commentary from the announcers, who present these races exactly the same as they would a horse event.

“Here come the fluffy baby corgis! And we have dog savaging taking place all over the place!”

And when each heat is over “These are the corgis moving on to the championship, in search of immortality!”

Same, tbh.

The announcer even knows them by name, and corgis, in case you were wondering, have way better names than horses.

They range from the expected, like Murray, Izzy, and Teddy, to the off-the-wall: Logan Handsomepants.

Some personal favorites:

  • Solaire (glam as hell)
  • Curvy James
  • Miss Abby the Diva (Finished last in her heat, but with a name like that who cares.)
  • CheeBahDotti McGuire (Really.)

Great work from all the good puppers, you guys raced your hearts out. Congratulations to the big winner, Pendleton, even though all the dogs were winners in my heart.