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Tony Romo got a $64.11 bonus from the Cowboys, so let's spend that money for him

We tried to stretch it out some.

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New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The NFL’s performance based bonuses are coming out, and Tony Romo’s earnings are particularly lower than usual. He received just $64.11.

That $64.11 came from one series of playing time. He was 3-of-4 passing on the drive for 29 yards and a touchdown. It was a good, fundamental pass, too:

According to Dan Hanzus of, Romo’s $64.11 was the smallest monetary bonus of any player in the league. His successor, Dak Prescott, had the second-biggest performance-based payday at $354,544.57.

A $64 bonus for an NFL player seems comical because we’re so used to seeing contracts that reach heights most of us can never imagine. Since the bonus is so small, let’s determine how he should spend it. We’re also not going to do taxes here.

How Tony Romo should spend his $64.11

Tony’s got eight cents left after all of those purchases, so he can throw those in a fountain at the mall or somewhere else and wish he doesn’t end up with the Browns or Jets.

It’s also a safe bet that his bonus will be bigger in 2017 when he’s quarterbacking another NFL franchise.