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The best players, coaches, and potential matchups in the NCAA Tournament

Can Villanova repeat? What’s UCLA’s ceiling? And where’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus?

We’re so so so so so close to the start of this year’s NCAA Tournament, but there’s still time for Tyler Tynes and Dan Rubenstein to give you the answers to the important questions looming over the first round. Questions like:

Who are the players in each region that will have you texting your friends "HEY CHANGE THE CHANNEL TO THIS GAME RIGHT NOW" so they don’t miss an amazing performance?

Which coaches are going to take their teams a round or two deeper than they have any business going, thus rendering your bracket ruined?

What’s the best storyline in each region, and why isn’t it that "Butler Winthrop" sounds like a character on a BBC show about the aristocracy during World War I?

And which matchups hold the most intrigue and interest for you, the discerning viewer trying to figure out when to schedule fake meetings on your calendar so you can watch the tournament from your desk?