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Wake Up, College Basketball Advances to the Second Round

Somebody has to make a buzzer-beater eventually, right?

After a first round that favored Your Coworker Who Only Picks Favorites In His Bracket, Dan and Tyler look ahead to what the second round has in store:

- Why we're paying particularly close attention to whether Wisconsin can apply the emergency brake to Villanova and if Arizona gets lost in St. Mary's sea of Australian rebounding and picks

- The first-round winner that's most likely going home (spoiler: Tyler continues to be a hater) (second spoiler: Noted Oregon graduate Dan's secretly a Big 10 fan, don't tell anybody)

- What South Carolina needs out of Sindarius Thornwell if it wants to stay alive in March, and the array of weapons on the Florida State roster surrounding Dwayne Bacon

- Dan's homerism does make its scheduled appearance though, yes, we will concede that Dana Altman is a good basketball coach

- The Sweet 16 matchups we're hoping this weekend gives us, though Wichita State can totally screw one of those up, especially if Kentucky continues to be inconsistent on offense.