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Marquette King recruiting Marshawn Lynch to play for Raiders

Lynch is reportedly considering coming out of retirement, and King would like to have him as a teammate.

Green Bay Packers v Oakland Raiders Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Marshawn Lynch is considering coming out of retirement to play for his hometown Oakland Raiders. Marquette King, Oakland’s punter, is all for this idea.

King has been taking time out of his busy offseason schedule, which includes practicing punts in a green Power Rangers costume, to encourage Lynch to join the Raiders. We hope it works, because it would be ideal for Lynch to finish his career in Oakland.

It all started with a little cajoling from King.

King wants to give Lynch the rookie treatment if he does sign with the Raiders.

Then King pivoted to simply being helpful. How could Marshawn possibly say no now?

King and Lynch are both entertaining on and off the field, and having them on the same team would be magical. Thankfully, King is committed to recruiting Lynch to Oakland.

Lynch has yet to respond to King’s overtures, but it seems like King won’t give up until Lynch is his teammate.