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This Mets prospect nonchalantly grabbed a bat that was helicoptering toward his danged head

Luis Guillorme just made the catch of the year, and it didn’t involve a baseball.

Luis Guillorme is probably Batman. No pun intended. Because he doesn’t like puns, and I don’t want to upset him.

If he is not Batman, Luis Guillorme might have an adamantium skeleton. He might have a uniform made out of vibranium. Possibly both. All we know is that

  1. He wears a costume at night
  2. We should both fear and respect him
  3. If you throw a bat at his head, he’ll catch it and throw it right back to you
  4. You should not look Luis Guillorme in the eyes.
  5. All the coaches and managers will look up and shout “SAVE US!” ... and Luis Guillorme will look down and whisper “Yeah, OK”

That’s enough talking about Luis Guillorme. Keep your head down, and go about your business. Luis Guillorme did not ask for this attention, and you do not want to make him feel uncomfortable.